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CPR provides the following industrial services:

  • Capital Projects

    Capital project management is a critical skill in the oil and gas industry. Capital projects, when managed properly, further organizational strategies and create competitive advantage. When not managed properly, capital projects can lead to financial hardship, unrealistic demands on scarce human resources, and public relations nightmares.

    After projects have been selected, effective project planning becomes vital. Most projects fail in the planning phase. Failure may not manifest itself until later in the project when considerable money and resources have been wasted. It is critical to invest time and effort into proper planning before projects are formally kicked-off. Proper planning includes double-checking the project’s alignment to strategy and adjusting or killing projects that are not aligned. CPR understands the severity of all projects, and we take every precaution to prevent unnecessary downtime.

  • Turnaround Management

    CPR’s teams are highly trained and will solve any issues that may occur to save you downtime and get your unit back on stream as quickly as possible.

    Successful turnarounds begin long before the execution stage with state of the art planning. The critical elements of successful turnarounds are Safety, Budget and Schedule. Critical Path Resources provides Turnaround Management Services which enable your company's project to be completed safely, within budget and on schedule. We are committed to reducing the cost of ownership by managing the contracting effort in a way that will increase owner profitability. We partner with our customers to achieve the long-range goals that are the keys to their long-term success.

    CPR strives to provide a single vendor, "one-stop shop" solution to our maintenance clients. Management and manpower stability, direct communication, responsive decision-making and maximum project control is a commitment shared throughout CPR.

  • Maintenance

    Turnarounds are among the most demanding undertakings for a process plant—the range of challenges faced on any turnaround is limitless. With CPR, you get the convenience of having all project details managed by one team of experts, plus the peace of mind that comes from choosing a company with an outstanding reputation for safety, quality, and professionalism at all levels.

    CPR maintains qualified and highly experienced foremen and craftsmen. We routinely man turnaround projects ranging from 20 to over 700 craftsmen per shift (including boilermakers, pipe fitters, and welders).

  • Other Services and Equipment

    • Process Unit—Capital Projects, Turnarounds, Maintenance, Shop Fabrication and Construction
    • Furnace/Fired-Heater/Reformer/Boiler Repair-Re-tube Specialists
    • Piping, Structural Steel, Vessel Fabrication, and Alterations (ASME code work)
    • Turnkey Heat Exchanger Maintenance(Including Bundle Extraction)
    • Reactors, Towers and Drums
    • Field Machining
    • Field Bolt Torquing/Tensioning
    • Fin Fan Re-tube
    • Steam Tracing
    • API Tank Fabrication and Installation
    • ASME Code Stamp—S & U
    • National Board "R Stamp"

    ***Complete Strategic and Logistic planning, scheduling and cost control for Project work and Turnarounds